Vision 2025

Below is the condensed version of our district’s Vision 2025 statement, followed by a link to the entire Vision 2025 Statement and Values on the Masconomet website.

At Masconomet:

Student learning is highly interdisciplinary and connects students to solving real-world problems. 

Students feel safe, happy, emotionally secure, and physically well. They are builders of a culture of respect and kindness. 

Curriculum and instruction is learner-centered: All students are achieving the same standards in multiple ways and can demonstrate their learning through a variety of different assessments. 

Instruction is personalized to the individual learning styles and unique needs and interests of ALL students. 

Our students are culturally sensitive, globally aware through their study and experiential learning, and they act confidently with an understanding of their impact on the world.

Click here to read the entire Vision 2025 and Values